Set Includes

Ground Ceylon Black Tea (10 Packs, 14g/Pack)

Ground Jasmine Green Tea (10 Packs, 13g/Pack)

Cane Sugar Syrup 12oz

Transform your kitchen into a cozy tea haven with our DIY Milk Tea Set, crafted for simplicity and indulgence. Elevate your tea experience with our ground black or jasmine green tea leaves, meticulously selected for their rich flavor profiles and aromatic qualities.

Creating your own signature milk tea has never been easier—simply brew the tea leaves to perfection, add a splash of organic fresh milk, and sweeten to taste with our premium cane sugar syrup. Whether you prefer a classic black tea with creamy richness or the delicate floral notes of jasmine green tea, our set offers the perfect canvas for your tea-drinking adventure.

Milk Tea Set

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