Jasmine Green Tea 140g
Passion Fruit Pulp 800g
Grape Jelly 1kg
Cane Sugar Syrup 12oz

This set can make around 15 or more drinks. 
What drinks can I make with this set?

  • Passion Fruit Tea

Embark on a journey of tropical indulgence with our Passion Fruit Tea Set, meticulously curated to bring the exotic flavors of passion fruit to your cup. Crafted with care, our set includes everything you need to create your own refreshing passion fruit tea, bursting with the vibrant essence of real passion fruit.

Savor the intense tanginess and natural sweetness of our 100% real passion fruit juice pulp, carefully extracted to preserve its pure flavor. Paired with our fragrant jasmine green tea leaves, celebrated for their delicate aroma and smooth taste, and complemented by our premium cane sugar syrup for a touch of sweetness, our set offers an unparalleled experience of tropical bliss.

Passion Fruit Tea Set

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