This set is for true BOBA lovers who love all kinds of boba tea. This set is offered at a huge discount for a limited time.

Black Tea 160g 
Jasmine Green Tea 140g 
Okinawa Milk Tea Powder 0.5kg
Caramel Brûlée Milk Tea Powder 0.5kg
Non-Dairy Creamer 400
Pink Guava Jam 12oz
Lychee Juice with Pulp 12oz
Passion Fruit Jam 12oz
Cane Sugar 12oz X 2
Tapioca Pearls (Large Boba) 0.5kg 
Instruction & Recipe Online Access Code  (In confirmation email)

This set can make around 60 drinks.

What drinks can I make with this set?
- Classic Tea (Black/Green)
- Classic Milk Tea (Black/Green)
- Okinawa Milk Tea
- Caramel Brûlée Milk Tea
- Guava Green Tea
- Passion Fruit Green Tea
- Passion Fruit Smoothie

The Ultimate Set

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