The Pineapple Puree made from real pineapples has lots of fruit chunks. A thick jammy consistency rather than a concentrated syrup, this is the same puree we used at RareTea shops.

How to use?

Pineapple Juice: 200ml Hot Water, 1.5oz Pineapple Puree, 300ml Ice

Pineapple Green Tea: 200ml Jasmine Green Tea, 1.5oz Pineapple Puree, 0.5oz (15ml) Cane Sugar, 300ml Ice. (Refer to the Jasmine Green Tea product page for tea brewing instruction)

Pineapple Smoothie: 700ml Ice, 2.3oz Pineapple Puree, 0.5oz Cane Sugar, 120ml Hot Water

Pineapple Puree **NEW**

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