This is a Limited Edition of our Holiday Gift Set, comes with a Pink Guava Jam. You will be able to make our most popular Milk Teas and this exclusive Guava Fruit Tea.

Black Tea 160g
Jasmine Green Tea 140g
Pink Guava Jam 12oz
Okinawa Milk Tea Powder 0.5kg
Non-Dairy Creamer 400g
Tapioca Pearls (Large Boba) 0.5kg
Cane Sugar 12oz
Glass BOBA Straw
Instruction & Recipe Online Access Code
This set can make around 30 drinks. 
What drinks can I make with this set?
- Classic Black/Green Tea
- Classic Pearl Milk Tea (Black/Green)
- Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea
- Guava Green Tea

Holiday Gift Set (Pink Guava Edition)

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