If you are a Fruit Tea boba lover, this is the set to get!!! It includes most of our popular fruit flavors for you to mix and match at home.


Jasmine Green Tea 140g
Black Tea 160g
Mango Puree 12oz
Peach Puree 12oz
Passion Fruit Jam 12oz
Strawberry Jam 12oz
Cane Sugar 12oz
Lychee Jelly
Tapioca Pearl (Large Boba)
Instruction & Recipe Online Access Code


This set can make around 45 drinks.
What drinks can I make with this set?
- Class Black Tea
- Jasmine Green Tea
- Black Milk Tea
- Jasmine Milk Tea
- Mango Green Tea
- Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea
- Passion Fruit Green Tea
- Mango Smoothie
- Passion Fruit Smoothie
- Strawberry Tea
- Strawberry Smoothie
- Peach Tea
- Peach Smoothie
Fruit Tea Lover Set

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