Create My Own Set

Want the freedom to personalize your Milk Tea Set?

Everyone likes their drinks a little differently than others, so the Create My Own Set lets you customize your own bundle to make your favorite boba milk tea at home.

If you are unsure what items are needed for a complete set to make the drinks, chose any of the Milk Tea Sets hand picked and created by RareTea for the best experience at home.


  • Black
  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • Roasted Oolong Tea
  • Four Seasons Spring Tea
  • Signature Tea

Milk Tea Powders:

  • Okinawa Milk Tea Powder
  • Caramel Brûlée Milk Tea Powder
  • Taro Powder
  • Matcha Powder
  • Cocoa Powder


  • Non Dairy Creamer

Fruit Puree/Jam:

  • Passion Fruit Jam
  • Rose Syrup with Petals
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Mango Puree
  • Peach Puree
  • Grapefruit Puree


  • Lychee Jelly
  • Tapioca Pearl (Large Boba)
  • Crystal Boba


  • Cane Sugar
  • Caramelized Brown Sugar
  • Raw Pure Honey (Organic)

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