Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea

Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea

The best selling Okinawa Milk tea is a roasted rich brown sugar flavor. A smooth blend of caramel sweetness, creamy milk and energizing tea makes for flavorful treat. This is the #1 seller across all RareTea stores.


Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea

A creamy, rich drink perfect with the sweetness of boba. To adjust the sweetness level, reduce the Okinawa Powder and substitute with Creamer. 



  • Steep 6g of Black Tea with 220 mL of hot water for 12 minutes
  • Mix in 50g of Okinawa Powder and 30g of Non-Dairy Creamer
  • Add 350g of ice and stir

How to adjust sweetness to 50% without affecting the rich texture of the drink?

  • Reduce Okinawa Powder by 25g (2tbsp)
  • Add 18g Creamer (2tbsp)

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